So semen really does contain protein and health benefits?

So semen really does contain protein and health benefits?

According to this article from Discovery News By Jennifer Viegas it is well documented that many different species including humans take part in sperm consumption. This behavior is not necessary for reproduction in humans but could serve  other benefits such as increased ovulation for reproduction.

According to Columbia Health, human male ejaculate contains fructose sugar, water, ascorbic acid (a.k.a. Vitamin C), citric acid, enzymes, protein, zinc and more.  It reads like the list of ingredients for a protein-infused sports drink.

Just like any other “health” craze there are even cook books, and mixed drink recipes (Huffington Post)… hmm I wonder if anyone out there would be up to do a review of that for

5 thoughts on “So semen really does contain protein and health benefits?”

  • Funny, I love cooking but WILL NOT try this! lol
    Some time ago, I cam across a full recipe book. (let me find it online) *wait I’m typing*
    *15 seconds later*
    I FOUND IT! “Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes By Fotie Photenhauer”….
    A and YO! *walks away*

  • Lmao!!! If the health benefits included dramatic weight loss, I will be your girl. But if i have a choice between Gatorade or my boos awesome sauce with the same health benefits I’m guzzling Gatorade all day-it tastes better!!!

  • Semen absolutely does contain many “benefits”. The secretion from a human is known to replicate what that individual ingests. Therefore, if you have a healthy diet full of fruits (fructose-natural sugar) and vegetables (essential vitamins) your secretion will be “Tasty”. I would consider cooking with it! Why not!? We usually cook with and ingest ingredients that are harmful or have no nutritional value….Get Your Nutrients!!

    • Yes! I am all for giving it a try. I already knew about the health benefits of semen especially it being GREAT for the skin. So I just know that the results will be great in certain types of dishes.

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