Unfltrd Unboxing: Acer Chromebook c720 & Chromecast from Google

Unfltrd Unboxing: Acer Chromebook c720 & Chromecast from Google

Acer c720 Chromebook unopened. 

Chromecast unopened.

This is the unboxing for the Acer Chromebook C720 and the Chromecast wireless device from Google. If you were wondering about these products or wanted to get a quick glimpse into what they look like up close before you buy them, check out the pictures below.  For full details, specs, and reviews both the Acer C720 Chromebook and the Chromecast device, stay tuned to Unfltrd for more!

After first opening the box and removing the paperwork of the Acer c720 Chromebook. 

Acer c720 Chromebook sizing as compared to the Apple iPhone 4.


Chromecast dongle on first open with simple instructions on inside cover.

Chromecast removed to show additional components (AC adapter, and optional HDMI Extender, along with product information pamphlet).

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