2014 Range Rover Autobiography LWB

2014 Range Rover Autobiography LWB

I got a chance to sit inside the 2014 Autobiography LWB from Range Rover, and boy did I fall in love. Now if you are already familiar with the Range Rover, it is an SUV in a class by itself. Not only is it stylish, but it boasts a sophistication you don’t see in other SUVs. I grew up in an Acura world and when I upgraded to the MDX, and now the RDX, from my CL 3.0, it gave me everything I would ever need in a luxury SUV, nice tailoring inside to the sleek lines and body of the exterior, and loads of features to boot. But once I step foot inside the Range Rover Autobiography Black, I wanted to put my poor RDX to the side (TEAR)!

Let’s talk about the exterior. It still boasts the sleek, contoured body that Range Rover is known for, truly stylish, perfect for any fabulous woman on the go! Or man! But this new edition features a longer wheel base, hence it being the autobiography edition, giving you more legroom in the rear, which is always a nice comfort in any vehicle. The interior rear also gives you multimedia functionality, pillow headrests, entertainment, and fold down tables and chiller, for all your cocktails and beverages. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE PEOPLE, but it is a nice comfort for those who hate long car rides or want to feel totally catered to. The seats also fully deploy, into the non existent 3rd row, so now you can lie all the way back with your feet up and not have to worry about being cramped.

Overall, I LOVE this new edition, but at the price tag of $170,000, I may have to hold back on it for a while and stick with my Acura. You can check out this edition at the NY International Auto Show, now through April 27. Also stay tuned to Unfltrd TV for more car show highlights.


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