“Black Lifestyle” in Japan

“Black Lifestyle” in Japan

Photo credit: Desiré van den Berg

B-Style a contraction of the words “Black” and “Lifestyle” that refers to a subculture of young Japanese people who love American hip-hop culture so much that they do everything in their power to look as African American as possible. –vice.com Twan Stoffels


What ever skin you are in your appreciation of culture and ones self is a beautiful thing. Growing up I was told to accept and love the skin your in, this brings you one step closer at a young age to loving yourself and accepting who you are. If you are not loving and accepting of who you are then how can you love and accept anybody else? I don’t think “B-Style” is mocking or demeaning “black culture” but celebrating sub genres of American Black culture mainly Hip-Hop. If you think cultural assimilation is something that is bad or strange and you can’t image how it fits I will leave you with this… Why do black women perm there hair? Why do people wear colored contacts? What ever your reason… love yourself and love those around you.

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  • I love that you wrote this. People often refer to others embracing another culture as “wanting to be of that culture”. I saw this video posted elsewhere and the caption was about her wanting to be black. Why can’t she just like what she likes? Style, clothes, and music are not reserved for one group of people. That’s partially why I dislike race boxes on forms. They don’t want to know your race, they want to know your behaviors…but I digress.
    Anyway, I loved this.

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