Jungle Fever Junkies

Jungle Fever Junkies

Just kidding that title is misleading. And I hate that phrase, but it got your attention.

Are white women as a whole, the most open-minded group of people? (Unless it’s a Cheerios commercial) I thought about this the other day. I mean if I think about inter-racial relationships, I think white women have the market cornered. They seem to be the ones most open to it. Maybe it’s because all the other races think, “we’ve made it,” when they can finally fuck a white woman. Maybe as a result, white women are the most pursued group. But just because they are pursued, doesn’t mean they are going to be won over. Does this suggest open-mindedness on their part? Or is it just a coupling of these two phenomenon?

I do not discriminate when it comes to my sexual interests. I will entertain a sexy man of any sort, and sexy can regard mind, body or spirit. I do not think everyone sees me this way. Sometimes I do get frustrated about feeling that I constantly have to measure up to women of other ethnicities, until I remember that they all feel the same way. I have a friend from Korea who moved the states when she was young. She refuses to date Asian men as she doesn’t want to conform to the cultural expectations for Korean women, but she told me that she hates feeling like white men are only interested in her because they only see her as either mysterious/foreign or submissive. I had no idea. I always thought men had a “holy grail” type reverence for Asian women, but then I realized that’s exactly what she was talking about. As an Asian woman, she feels white men seek her out for some of the same reasons black women think black men seek white women. But really at the end of the day, we’re all just fighting to look like airbrushed photoshopped people with parts of their bodies actually erased mid-picture.

So this just brings me back to my original question. Are white women the most open-minded when it comes to dating/marriage or are they just the most pursued? Why do people wonder what it’s like to sleep with someone of another race, as if their anatomy is any different? You could just as easily find a kinky person of one race as you could a submissive person of the same race. Shouldn’t our questions be personality or skill based? What’s it like to fuck a gymnast?  Or an Olympic weight lifter? What are the 69 logistics for someone much taller versus someone much shorter? (Just kidding. Who likes 69? I could do just fine without your asshole in my face. Thanks) Does that fast-talking rapper Twista eat pussy like a pro? Will this enormous dick rupture my cervix? Is it better to fuck a Dom or a Sub? (50 Shades anyone?) Are porn stars better at sex or better at faking it? Is circumcised any better? Would someone of the same sex be better at this? Remember on Sex and the City when Samantha screwed that wrestler?

These are the questions I personally find more relevant than what color/ethnicity the person is. If I’m kinkily curious it’s because something is actually different. As far as I’m concerned expecting special sex just because this person is a different race is the same expecting the same tired-ass dick to change it up because the dude got a tan or a haircut. Maybe white women figured this out faster and decided to seek out other characteristics and have just found themselves in a wider market? Whatever it is, I’ll follow suit.

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  • I think as black women we are conditioned and taught to date other black people. It is cultural. We are sometimes shunned to date “outside” because as I have been told in the past, “white men have this master/slave mentality”. NO LIE! Now I think that is utter ridiculousness, but I see where older gens may be coming from. Today, it is quite acceptable to date/sleep with whomever you want but black women still feel they need to hold out and wait for their ideal black man (IBM). I am not saying there are no good black men out there, but by the time you wait, black men and other races have moved along and found their preference and are open to exploring what they find sexually attractive.They have opened themselves up to the larger world, the bigger picture. I have slept with and dates a few men outside my race, because simply I was sexually attracted to them. Sometimes you just need to test those waters. I think more black women should consider being more open to the idea or stepping outside and dabble a bit. You WILL be surprised. Black men, and white women among other are seeking their preferences sexually, and so should you.

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