Stunted Growth (GROWN UP GIRLS)

Stunted Growth (GROWN UP GIRLS)


At what age does the ratchet, ignorant ,misogynistic lyrics in today’s music stop making us dance and start making us upset. This is by no means a rant to justify nor judge what you enjoy. However with all of the YouTube clips of twerking toddlers and tweens its clear that some of this musics #1 fans are parents. That is a bit scary. I do not have kids and would be lying if I said my God Children didn’t know a HOV line or two but its not the only things they are exposed to. I believe that you should expose them to all types of music at a young age but I digress…

At what point do you as a woman feel like you deserve more than being just a Bad Bitch?  When do you show your little sisters/nieces/ and daughters they have value even if they are not a long haired, thick red-bone.  Women YOU HAVE THE POWER yet act the victim so well. You have the PUSSY you make the RULES or have we forgot.


Just think for a minute … If every woman in the world ONLY gave the cookie to men in properly fitted pants and slacks these jerk offs in skinny jeans and man leggings would be forced to act right! I mean really think about the impact you have on the way the world works. At what point do we become fed up and take it back to when a man approached you in the early 90’s on that “hey there queen” “good afternoon earth” shit. I will even take a “ wha gwan star”  from my West Indian men.  That is the shit that I am talking about. I hope there are some men that hear me. Come correct and I will show you how a real Earth Star Queen will treat you. I can be your ghetto love prophecy  but its up to you how this plays out,  If you let me walk past you so you can see my fatty before you chose to speak I will treat you like the Bad Bitch you are asking for. I’m real big on “treat me the way I WANT to be treated” You can’t expect a man that has no moral ground whatsoever to treat you any better than he would anything else. Ladies arm yourself with the strength and self respect to know who and who NOT to give your attention to.  Oh yeah and girl please  stop wearing leggings everyday. 


Don’t let these celebrities and “reality” figures get your ass caught up. They are paid to provide ratchet entertainment that should be laughed at and moved on from. Y’all have got the game fucked up and look up to these misguided forms of entertainment.  A weak mind is worse than a wasted one because the weak will repeat and mimic what they see and recreate this dysfunction in their own lives. I know plenty of women stop reading awhile ago because I am getting a bit too real but FUCK IT! If I were on VH1 making tweak videos  while fighting and bashing my fellow females, I would win Bad Bitch of the year . Keep your foolish ass awards and grow up. I am over looking at you grown up insecure ass girls.


I am hoping that this generation will soon rebel over this and do better. How the fuck did we get here? When the lyrics to a song can be ” Can you really take dick or nah”  or “It ain’t nutting to cut dat bitch off” It is truly mind boggling to be. For those that take offense… good that was the point. Respect starts from within. I for one love OG Bobby Johnson. I am in no way shape or form under investigation from the police for hanging with the killers in the projects. So I know there is a balance of listening to something and liking it but please believe the problem comes in when you grown  up girls listen to the lyrics like its a step by step life coaching seminar. AGAIN stop wearing leggings everyday. NO I am so fucking serious STOP wearing leggings everyday.   WAKE UP YOU TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT. You raising little ratchet kids!! OK… I’m done…for now…

2 thoughts on “Stunted Growth (GROWN UP GIRLS)”

  • PREACH!!!!!! Living down south that is all you hear on the radio… I can’t stand it. All these girls do is wear things to showcase their ass… its sad. Ppl acting as if decency is taboo. Sigh..

  • I am beyond happy that someone feels this way. If one more rapper says “show me what it’s made for”, I will poop on the floor.

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