Unfltrd Preview: Love in the City on OWN

Unfltrd Preview: Love in the City on OWN


I will never try to deny my addiction to television and everything film (ok, almost everything – I will NOT watch horror unless I’m forced and it’s through the crook of an arm). I know this sounds pretty broad, but I do have a very heavy hand on the remote these days. A fast may be necessary soon, but it ain’t happenin’ now so there’s that!

What had me thinking about my overall media intake was the desire to add a new show to my dvr list. The show I am speaking about is Love in the City and I first became aware of it when Fashionbombdaily.com’s Claire Sulmer hosted the premiere. See her post here


Im not sure what made the difference this time. Perhaps it’s my overall FOMO (fear of missing out) but the show’s premiere on OWN may have been a draw too. I confess that I am skeptical of Bravo TV and VH1 reality series that feature beautiful black women these days. Will there be arguments that end in all out riots? Will someone’s mother act the hell out? Dare I say it, will Draya win??? Go ahead and clutch your pearls, I already am! Please believe and believe it please, while generally I deplore such behavior, I am on the edge of my couch poppin kettle corn waiting to see if Draya has won in a fist fight. Damnit FOMO rears its ugly head again! #dontjudgeme.

On the other hand, here are beautiful women who are in their late thirties and early forties successful in their on right and about to premiere on OWN. I get that Oprah has employed Tyler Perry in various projects (honey, I am NOT a fan of Mr. Perry but highly respect his importance in our culture), which may deem her untrustworthy for programming. But there is something about the trailer. It may be the soundtrack of Beyonce’s XO that opens the clip, but more than that I believe I am faithful that Black women can inspire. I hope you watch…

Love in the City follows celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright and her 3 closest friends as as she moves to NYC.

Love in the City, Saturdays on OWN 10/9C

Check out the trailer! We will be back with some highlights from Episode 1 that premiered last night!

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