A “Phenomenal Woman” has died!

A “Phenomenal Woman” has died!


Legendary author, poet, visionary and activist, Maya Angelou has died. Her work shall live on forever in the hearts and minds of this who got a chance to be inspired and for those who worked hard from her influence.

She lived an extraordinary life looking to her past for stories of sorrow and hurt to make them about love and hope.

I had a chance to hear her speak a few years back in college and just being in the room encouraged me to speak my truth and find my own story. Through all the struggle, there is progress and hope for a better day. I was forever touched by that.

To read more about this headline, check CNN for more news!

And to just be inspired and moved for a minute, go back and read her books. I will now commence to re-reading “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”.

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