It was a GAY DAY!

It was a GAY DAY!

The Pride Parade came and went!  It was fucking fantastic. I went with a small group in support of a friend.  I really enjoyed myself. You know for a straight woman, I’m beginning to think every day should be Pride Day.  No seriously, besides the West Indian Day Parade & the Halloween Parade, the crowd is energetic and TURNED UP!  There were the lesbian bikers, the drag queens & transgenders, shirtless men in ass-less chaps everywhere…and all smiles, hugs, and kisses.  As the parade began the crowd was screaming and why not?  They were celebrating themselves…and that is priceless.  There were a few times where I teared up a bit,  It felt wonderful celebrating someone else’s freedom to be exactly who god intended.  


I thought about the days when I attended Baldwin High School out in Long Island, we had the first GLSBT club.  I remember how my fellow students were harassed and bullied.  Some of my friends at the time were taunted mercilessly, to afraid to attend classes out of fear from our own peers physically harming.   It wasn’t right than and it sure as hell isn’t right now.  But here I was over 15 years later cheering my fucking brains out, waving my rainbow flag and giving high fives as the floats passed by. LOOK HOW FAR WE’VE COME (Sure there is still room for improvement); but I can tell you this, looking back at the past could never prepare me for this future.



It definitely has become one of my favorite parades in NYC.  Can’t wait until next year.  I told my friend I wonder how I can find my why onto a float next year or at least have access to the parade route.  I felt honored to be there…sounds weird I know, but to see couples hold hands and kissing openly made me feel all warm inside (I love, love) and I’m so happy people have the freedom to do so no matter who are what sex they are!  

It was a non-stop party and I jumped, and shook my ass to all the music.  It was funny to hear Beyonce playing everywhere.  Is she the new mascot for the Gays or does Cher still hold that title….or is it Lady Gaga?  LOL.  Can I say that I was a little disappointed that other celebrities that make New York City their home didn’t come out in show of support.  The parade opened with a quick speech from Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox and of course there was the mayor Bill De Blasio and his wife.  (Did you know she use to be a former Lesbian?…oh yes she wrote a whole article about it),  the governor, and a whole handful of politicians…GET THAT VOTE!  There was also a congressman (if I’m remembering correctly) out there with his partner hold hands freely.  I thought…. That’s what I like to see, breakdown the stereotypes!!!



And though there was some concern that the parade had become too commercial, there was a plethora of characters, and organizations all coming together for the same purpose.  You had the big names like Coke-a-Cola, British Airlines, At&t, Delta and organizations representing every culture you could think of; SalgaNYC, G.M.A.D, Northeast-Two Spirit Society, and the LGBT Elders, just to name a few. Well I could go on & on about my experience, but let me take a rest.  If you haven’t gone you should.  There’s always next year.  Trust me you’ll have a great time.

Kisses, Fox Indigo

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