My Vajayay is a GYN’s Dream…

After recently visiting with my GYN, I was happy to hear that my Vagina was a GYN’s dream. Free and clear of all STDs, and in great shape. My vagina is a war veteran seeking retirement. So hearing a male GYN compliment my vagina in a such a nice way can be quite flattering…I think I even blushed a little. If he only knew the dirty little secrets kept down there, and how his dream is a reality to others…he might be shocked about the excursions we have gone on. With that said…welcome to my “Vagina Monologues”. I entice you to join me on this rollercoaster of the good, bad and ugly.

Allow me to take you back to the summer of ’01. There was this really hot guy I had been crushing on for about 2 years. Back in the day Catholic school boys were the shit…and that he was. He was older than me so he played it cool until I was of “age”. Prior to him I had only been with one other person but I knew if I had the chance with him…it was going down. Well one day a group of us were hanging out at a mutual friends house and he asked to speak to me alone. I was mixed with emotions….had no real experience and didn’t want to embarrass myself when I finally had the chance to be with him. We head to the guest room, and he starts filling my head with the typical nigga shit. He said he liked me for such a long time, and had been watching me grow waiting for the just the right time to approach me and make his move. Well that was all I needed to hear…he knew I liked him but I wasn’t sure if the feeling was mutual.

Talking turned into kissing, and kissing turned into undressing and that turned into the most awkward 7 minutes of my life and the best of his. Why you might ask? Because this guy I had been checking out for the past two years, this guy that was a hit with the ladies, was a MOTHER FUCKING VIRGIN. Here I am so nervous, and ready to impress and he gave me 5 humps, 5 grunts and a crooked dick. (Side bar – I actually became a huge fan of the crooked catholic school dick) He tried so hard that we fell off the bed onto the floor and I just stared on in disbelief….I liked him too much to say anything insulting and since I was his first (even though he has yet to admit it) I didn’t want to ruin his first time. But like most men…being someone’s first comes with responsibility. They got their first taste from you and even when life takes you in different directions like it did us…they always seem to find a way to redeem themselves. We kept in contact for a while after that but nothing happened again until ’07. We bumped into each other at a club and despite my vivid memories of that summer day back in ’01 he saw me and was ready to redeem himself…of course I still had my schoolgirl crush so I was ready and waiting. We linked up that following weekend and he put it down on that ass a few times that night. Time had done a body good, and I assume other partners taught him how to last longer than 5 pumps. Although he had redeemed himself…time had done my body good and although I had new memories of him…he still wasn’t where I needed to be sexually so that sex affair, that he tried turning into more only lasted a few months.

Do I wonder if he still thinks about me? No, because I am sure he does…don’t we all wonder about our firsts sometimes, through the good, bad and ugly?

Stay tuned for more of my “Vagina Monologues”…we have a long way to go : )

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