The Natural “Hairtroversy” of Blue Ivy Carter

The Natural “Hairtroversy” of Blue Ivy Carter

Now this post is a day late, since I was having some technical difficulties yesterday, so I will keep this rant short and sweet.

I have been natural for quite a few years and I have had my fair share of stares and retarded comments by people who are NOT natural, or those who are just jealous they hair cant be as full as mine… Just sayin! But my rant today is not about me, but it is about something that I think is just ridiculous. It is the “hairtroversy” surrounding Blue Ivy Carter. I have been wanting for a few days now to just tune out completely to all my social medias and take a breather, cause this shit just got ridiculous. Why is my damn timeline filled with photos and comments and straight disrespect for her hair. Who gives a fuck, she is 2 years old?

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Yes, her mother is Beyonce and her hair is usually always laid for the GODS. But why are trying to hold the same standards to a child who cant even speak, let alone say how she wants to style her hair. Shit, my hair has a mind of its own and can look 5 different ways in one day. So I know at the age of 2, it is just “fuck it, forget it”! Her parents DO NOT have to hold their daughter to any kind of standard and nor should they have to. If you so worried about it, make sure your kids are well kept and not looking like the hundreds of dirty kids I usually see walking around the streets of NYC.


I guess my bigger issue is that people, and yes I mean black people, seem to focus on the wrong things. I have seen many women worry more about how their child looks than how they act. “My daughter bad as shit, but she look good tho” seems to be the mentality. Young girls are walking around worried about being fabulous and they cant even spell. We have got to do better! But that is another story for another day.

Basically, worry about your own damn  children and your own hair for that matter. Leave the child alone and get yo life! I’m done!


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  • The same people talking can’t even afford the words they speak. Its a real piss poor mentality that ignorant people thrive on. They are the same ones spending they rent money for On The Run concert tickets. The carters are laughing it up… right to the bank.

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