Unfltrd Book Review: ‘Forever An Ex’

Unfltrd Book Review: ‘Forever An Ex’

Forever an Ex
Victoria Christopher Murray
Touchstone Books
June 17, 2014

Victoria Christopher Murray’s, Forever an Ex, her follow up to The Ex Files, reunites three Los Angeles women eight years later, after helping each other overcome heartbreak by their exes. They’re back together trying once again to help each other overcome the trouble they’ve gotten into with their exes.

Asia has always loved pro basketball player Bobby Johnson. Rich, fine, and the ultimate lover. It’s been six years since she and Bobby broke up, or should I say it’s been six years since his wife broke them up. Bobby and Asia’s daughter Angel spends every weekend with Bobby and his wife, Caroline. Caroline treats her wonderfully and Angel thinks of her like another mom. Hmm, sounds like an issue could be brewing. Maybe Caroline treats her too much like her own. Then there’s the kiss that Bobby and Asia share rekindling their passion. Can Asia win Bobby back and put her happy family together?

Sheridan was married to Quentin for what seemed like a lifetime until she found out he liked to taste what she couldn’t serve. Actually, no woman could. When she met Brock and married him she put the memories of Quentin behind her. Or did she? Quentin has always maintained he is not gay and he has never thought of himself as gay. Besides, he has a new fiancee, Harmony, who loves him and never questioned his sexuality. That is until Sheridan bought up a few questions over dinner during the holidays when she invited Quentin and Harmony over to have dinner with her, Brock, Christopher and Tori, Quentin and Sheridan’s son and daughter. When Harmony wants to discuss these questions with Sheridan, why can’t Sheridan just say no. Is she really over Quentin or does she want revenge for breaking her heart?

Kendall was married to Anthony, until she caught him in bed with the woman who became his second wife, Kendall’s little sister. Kendall has wiped them out of her life, even though her sister is pregnant and has begged for forgiveness. D’Angelo has returned to town and is certainly trying to work his way into Kendall’s heart. D’Angelo is the fine ass Compton legend who traded in his drug dealing ways for militia missions in Iraq. Most women would die for his attention and so would Kendall, if he wasn’t her ex brother-in-law. Trying to keep her distance from Anthony and Sabrina becomes more difficult as Kendall and Sharon’s dad is diagnosed with cancer.

How will it all end? See how they help each other get through these situations with friendship and faith.

Only Victoria Christopher Murray can weave such a tale full of knee jerk reactions and page turning enjoyment.

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