Fashion on the Hudson 6: Rules of the game!

Fashion on the Hudson 6: Rules of the game!

Over the weekend, I hit up a few events including the 6th Annual Fashion on the Hudson held at Riverbank State Park in Harlem. The show’s curator, Sofia Davis has showcased this show before using the Hudson river as her backdrop. I’ve never been to a show of hers, but I expected to see an array of colors and fashions by up and coming, and some established designers. I also expected to be wowed by how beautiful the backdrop of the city would be against these fashions as depicted online.

event_15977 Fashion on the Hudson - Designer Jaylondon Powell DSC_500a butterfly hair

So when I arrived I was sure I was in for a treat. I stood on the press line at 9am, thinking we would wait for a short time then proceed inside to do press interviews, see any previews of the models, etc. then be escorted to our seats outside by the Hudson. To my surprise, that short wait turned into a 3 hour stint outside in the blazing hot sun. Now from what I could tell, things began a little slow for them, because while we were standing on line, the models and designers were not even corralled inside yet. FAIL #1!

Now I am pretty forgiving when it comes to certain things, but now I have begun to sweat, and me and sweat just don’t go together, especially when my fresh summer do has quickly turned into a don’t.

Now lets fast forward! So once we actually got inside after a whole lot of mess. I was surprised to see that the fashion show was actually indoors. No stage, no fancy runway.  The pavilion it was in was basically an auditorium reminiscent of a school gym. So I had to quickly adjust my thoughts. And then we wait… AGAIN! 2 more hours until the actual show started. So my day has quickly turned into 6 hours of waiting for the main attraction.

So after all that, the show finally started, about a half hour late. One other fail at the very beginning of the show was that show creator/curator/owner DID NOT introduce herself. I guess there are no introductions needed. I guess I should know who you are?! OK!

I saw some hits and a whole lot of misses. Let’s just say that fashion is relative, or what we call fashion. I am by no means a fashion designer, but I know what looks good and what doesn’t. But I will say that everyone put in the effort and that’s all that matters. Sometimes it’s just very apparent. There was one highlight to my day and was a 12 year old designer, with her line, Pinky Says (young lady walking at the end). See some fashions below.

I would post more about her but unfortunately, there was NO lineup or program to say who was who and out of 44 designers scheduled, it would have been nice to know what line and collection I was looking at. But I hope to see more from her in the future. You can also check out more from our footage from the show on Unfltrd Instagram. 

Overall, there were many misses, including the 5 hours wait time, the lack of organization and timeliness. There were no programs for the event to know order of show, no water or other beverage for the extended length of the day. If I had other events to cover that day, I would have not made it. I just think that when you plan an event, there are certain things that should be taken into consideration. The press is the one person you don’t wanna piss off. I’ve been to too many events in the past month where there is a lack of commitment. Your name is the only thing you have, and once that’s tarnished then you have nothing else. Get it together people! And I’m done.


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