Fox Indigo Unfltrd: Cunnilingus…Makes Mouths Happy

Fox Indigo Unfltrd: Cunnilingus…Makes Mouths Happy

Friday has finally arrived for all you nine to fivers, in a few hours the weekend will be here and you can all let loose. Go dancing, drinking, do whatever recreational drugs of preference…….Enjoy your life, YOLO!

It’s the simple things in life that makes life worth living!

Now I know you read the title to this blog and like the pervert you are, (LOL), you were intrigued. No need to feel ashamed. Sex and anything related to it would catch most people’s eye. Sex is everywhere, We can’t avoid it even when we try. Our culture is so submerged in sexual images and music. It surprises me (and annoys the hell out of me) that there are people walking around as if sex is some uncommon, unholy, filthy act……As if sex isn’t one of our basic human functions. Didn’t god say, “Be fruitful and multiply”? So it’s only natural we all want to get it on. IT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!!!… energizes your battery….makes you want to bake a cake……And convinces you that you can discover a cure for cancer.

You know what made me happy the past two weeks?……Some cunnilingus (singing in my Oprah voice). It was completely unexpected, but isn’t that the best kind? Boy did I need that, because a sister was crabby and on the verge of having a full fledge BITCH FIT. I noticed this after; when I was speaking over the phone and the person on the other end pointed out that they could hear the smile in my voice. Lmao. I acted completely ignorant, but fuck it, Cunnilingus makes mouths happy! Let me say a quick prayer: “Thank you god for sending someone to come lick my box. I was like a camel in the desert. My last swig of water was months ago, and I was in desperate need to be replenished. Please lord keep me from long periods of drought and dehydration again…..oh and please bless my benefactor, he deserves it, Love Ya!” Yes I just prayed to god and why not? Doesn’t the good book say, “Ask and you shall receive.” (No shame in my game)

That was two weeks ago and I feel my battery dwindling like the energizer bunny. I no longer moonwalk at sunrise or do backflips across the front yard……No I can’t actually do these things. It happened daily in my head, but it felt great thinking I could do, Lol. I feel myself getting a little unhinged. Maybe it’s the season, that’s making me feel like a cat in heat? Not sure, I’ve been taught ignore and deny my sexuality and desirers but as I get older I just want to let to all go. I realized I have all these kinks I need to act out. I’m just still self conscience (which is fading…fast) about sex and how it defines me as a woman. I’ve reasoned with myself many times, sex is inherit. There is nothing bad or wrong with wanting to express yourself sexually…right? Still in society if you express yourself sexually in a direct fashion it’s considered inappropriate, but I’ve always found the honesty about sex exciting, comfortable, and nothing to be shameful about. I wish the rest of the world felt the same and wouldn’t put their fucking hangups on me. Maybe that’s why I love Lady Saw’s Heels On, I wish I could express myself sexual so easily and raw…I have to be completely clawing the floor boards to get me to be a “Dirty Girl” out of the gate or completely comfortable that I won’t be judge by my partner for all the nasty things coming out of my mouth.

I leave you in peace, enjoy your weekend my lovelies……And you know what I hope all my ladies receive some fantastic cunnilingus, may it be eaten like its finger licking good, the last meal on earth, sipped on like it was the fountain of youth.

Kisses, Fox Indigo

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