Unfltrd Feature: Terrence Davidson – Wig Master

Unfltrd Feature: Terrence Davidson – Wig Master

If you don’t know who Terrence Davidson is then clearly hair is not something you have any interest in.  I am willing to bet some of your favorite celebrities have had their hair slayed by the Wig Master or Hair King himself.  I went to ATL to find out what is going on with the Wig  Guru and see exactly what he was currently working on and I was right on time!  He is one hard working BUSY man!

I sat down with Terrence to chat about his upcoming tour, his new hair appliance line, and all things fabulous in hair. Shout out to Dreams That Breathe Photography the ONLY team I use when in Atl! https://www.facebook.com/photosbydtb


Meeting up with celebrity hair stylist can be either pleasant or down right annoying when dealing with attitudes etc.  My encounter with Terrence was neither. It went beyond pleasant to down right fun and entertaining.  He is a master at his craft because he put the work in.  Nothing was handed to him starting out in New Jersey. He had to listen to people around him tell him to get a trade that would make him money because there was no money in doing hair.  Fast forward to my meeting with him in his plush downtown Atlanta high-rise, and he is a perfect example of “you get out of it what you put into it”

Terrence has done some amazing things in the hair industry way before working with the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Nicki Minaj.  I am talking about his big breakout styling for the Honey Magazine Cover with Left Eye.

Honey Magazine cover Spring '99
Honey Magazine cover Spring ’99
Trina Cover from '06
Trina Cover from ’06

I am talking about lacing the Souths Baddest Bitch Trina, songstress Tamia and actress Melinda Williams.

His hands have been in the heads of some of the women that have forever changed the game in this generation.  The one person that sticks out the most to Terrence was being able to work with none other than Ms Patti Labelle.  If you know anything about ANYTHING you know that for a hair stylist to get their hands in the head of Ms Patti Labelle it is a straight up come to Jesus moment.

Patti Labelle

These are the moments that Terrence doesn’t take lightly. He gives all honor to God when talking about his success and how he is able to what he loves and is passionate about. I asked Terrence what his favorite part about doing hair was and he said “the creativity”.

The brain behind all of the fantasy and crazy unique styles and use of color for Nicki Minaj.

Different Styles  Created by Terrence Davidson
Different Styles Created by Terrence Davidson

Being able to use a pair of scissors and just kill a bob for an artist on set of a video

Video Set for BX own Remy Ma
Video Set for BX own Remy Ma

and then seeing women in the streets running out to get their hair cut the same way by their local stylist is an awesome feeling.  It is the upmost complement to still see the styles he has laced Remy Ma from my home town (BX STAND THE FUCK UP) still being recreated in 2014.


Now here we are in the present day… and big things are in full swing for Mr. Davison. He has created his own line of hot tools for the hair. Complete with a Hair Dyer, Flat Iron and (my personal fave) The Bubble Wand! YASSS I got so much life from seeing what he could do that wand  I went to meet him with my hair straight in hoops that he would say “ooh chile come let me bubble wand you right quick” LOL! Needless to say while I left with my hair the same way I came in with it, I did leave high on laughs and the realness that is Terrence Davidson.

Terrence has a DVD currently out and it is amazing. My Story My Way available online now http://terrenceldavidson.com

Terrence Davidson's DVD My Story My Way
Terrence Davidson’s DVD My Story My Way

Not only does it give you a glimpse into his life on tour and video shoots etc. He has a STEP BY STEP guide on how you can become successful in the hair game. He keeps no secrets, leaves out nothing. Terrence is giving you a guide to step your game up creatively and professionally. It is that type of genuine desire to see others succeed that has led him to The Glam Fame Tour. The King Terrence has teamed up with the Queen Derek J. They are currently in a city near you giving demonstrations and getting people together! If you are interested in this hair game seriously then this is where you should be. Do not miss what he has in store.

The Cast of The Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta
The Cast of The Real Hair Stylists of Atlanta

The Glam Fame tour is currently underway! Tickets are on sale now! New York Don’t miss out Next Sunday July 27th! Click the link and make it happen! http://www.glamfametour.com

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