Vajayjay Chronicles Part II

Since most of the females on this page are scared or embarrassed to share their favorite or most horrible sexual experiences…I’ll continue with mine.

It was the summer of ’08 and I was in love.  I started dating this guy I knew I would be with forever and never thought or even considered being with anyone else.   He taught me everything…how to properly give fellatio…and even eased me into anal…for that I will forever be grateful!

’08 was the summer of my SEXCAPADES…

I remember hanging out at the local basketball games with my girlfriends, when my friend begged me to hang out with her boyfriends friend.  It was totally innocent in the beginning.  I was in love (or so I thought) he was seeing someone…so we were just friends.  One night we were all spending the night at my friends house and while my friend was getting dicked down in the next room our innocent friendship turned into a what if?!?!?  What if I told you that in all my years that was the biggest penis I had come across….what if I told you that I was scared but determined to take all of that big dick like a trooper?  What if I told you that was my first big RAW dick.  Now you might say that I’m a nasty hoe…which of course ran across my mine.  But let me tell you….risks of STDs were the farthest thing from my mind when that man made his way in.  I wanted to feel every inch with no restrictions and I guess he wanted the same.  That wouldn’t be the first or last time I slept with him either…while in love with my boyfriend I continued to see my side piece.  We never dated, and I didn’t want to be his girlfriend…this transaction was strictly dickly.  He started introducing me to his family and I started losing interest.  How could I be someone’s girlfriend when I already had a man?…or was it because there was another guy in my life….

Jacob came out of nowhere…I don’t even remember the first or last time because every time with Jacob was a good time.  What I do remember was how he reeled me in.  He knew just the right places to kiss me, and we had a chemistry that we didn’t mind sharing with others around us.  The way he ate my pussy made me climb walls, and I could ride that dick till the cows came home.  Was I still with my man? Yes….I felt like as long as I wasn’t emotionally cheating on him it wasn’t that bad.  Jacob put it down like 3-5 times a day…and we did it any and everywhere.  A few people could certainly vouch for that…I am not sure if I developed feelings for him or I fell in love with the dick…but he was definitely number 3 of my Sexcapades.

Part IV…was somebody else’s mister.  A few names come to mind….home wrecker, slut, hoe, etc.  I never really thought I would sleep with someone else’s man but he was a charmer.  I was dating, he was dating…and we were fucking.  I should have walked away after the first encounter…bc there was absolutely no sensation there.  All summer I’d been running around getting licked and sticked every which way and finally made my way to the pee wees.  He made Dr. Evil’s pinky finger look like the Great Wall of China….pinky finger

With that being said…I continued to see him…because he was my introduction into the world of Tricking.  And  boy oh boy did he spend, but he began to catch feelings…and I would never get emotionally involved with someone…because that would be considered cheating…right???

Last but not least was the businessman.  He swept me off my feet!  He owned a few brownstones, managed some big named artists, and enjoyed entertaining me.  No strings attached…he wanted more but I wasn’t willing to let go…let go of who I thought I loved to experience all the things I had been missing out on….As the summer ended I knew exactly what I wanted, and although I thought I loved my boyfriend…there was something else I loved more…


To Be Continued…

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