Ladies Does Your Favorite Movie Pass The Test?

Ladies Does Your Favorite Movie Pass The Test?

I have been meaning to write this ever since I saw Lucy, but I am just now getting to it. Has any body else seen it? It is fantastic. Scarlett Johansson does a great job. What’s not to love about a sexy woman that is super intelligent and kicking ass all over the place? Morgan Freeman is there too. He automatically makes things better. If you’re not familiar with this movie, here’s a link to a trailer.

Lucy Trailer

I was annoyed by one thing. As fearsome and strong of a character as Lucy is in the movie, there is no other female character that even comes close to her in development. There are actually ZERO other developed female characters.

Have you ever heard of the Bechdel Test? I learned about it maybe a year ago. It is a very simple test applied to movies to look at women in film. It was recently brought to my attention that fewer and fewer women have had leading roles lately or leading roles assigned beyond the leading man’s love interest. The Bechdel Test takes this one step further. It only has one criterion, broken down into three smaller parts. Does the movie have:

1.)  At least two [named] women in it?

2.)  That talk to each other?

3.)  About something besides a man?

Bechdel Test

As much as I loved Lucy (I am very clever), this might have barely passed, depending on how lenient you grade movies. (I would fail it personally.) I don’t think “Mom” is a named character, and her brief conversation with her female friend confined to one scene does cover a man and romance. What a shame is that? Can we not have a movie with a strong female lead that actually speaks to other women?

So Lucy was actually great, and we do have movies that pass the Bechdel Test. But, as just think about the test as you watch movies or think on some of your favorites. When you do think of one, ask yourself how many movies did you pass over to get to this one? Personally, I don’t count movies based on books, movies based on true stories, or movies that imply the presence of more than one woman in the title. I think they it’s harder to avoid in those situations. Just some food for thought.

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