Unfltrd Makeup Tutorial: FLAWLESS FRIDAYS!

Unfltrd Makeup Tutorial: FLAWLESS FRIDAYS!

Hey everyone,

I want to take the time out to introduce our new resident makeup artist/beauty consultant/FACE BEATER Nequa!! Say hi everyone!

Johnequa Furby, Makeup Artist

Check out her first makeup tutorial for Unfltrd TV in a segment I have coined, FLAWLESS FRIDAYS! She will take you right into the weekend with her easy to follow, informative tutorials.

She gave Tiffany a flawless casual everyday face that can be rocked for work, school or just walking around the city. I mean she was beat Let us know what you think! Be sure to subscribe to UnfltrdTV on YouTube for more flawless videos like the ones below. If you have any questions for Nequa, be sure to comment on our video and she will be sure to answer you! Enjoy your Flawless Friday!

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