Unfltrd Health: The Body Detox You Haven’t Tried!! My 30 Day Challenge!!

Unfltrd Health: The Body Detox You Haven’t Tried!! My 30 Day Challenge!!

October 1 marks some pretty unique changes. Fall is officially here, the leaves are starting to change, that brisk chill runs over your warm summer bones and naturally it is “supposed” to be the start of getting my summer… AGAIN! image

Over the past couple months, I have been reading up on some new ways to detox my body without having to change to some weird diets and cutting out all things that make life worth living. Of course, with every detox you should consult the advice of a doctor. And of course I didn’t see one before I started this detox so PLEASE take this advice at your own risk.

Now I’m not really one for diets or quickest treatments but feel it may be worth a shot. Ive decided that my new 30 day challenge detox will be  “DRY BRUSHING”!! Now for those of you who don’t know what dry brushing is. It is exactly how it sounds. You literally brush your entire body with a natural bristle dry brush. (You know, the ones you get from the “spa/relax” sections at Duane Reade or those big back ones) That’s it! Why? You ask. Because after doing some reading, there really seems like there is no reason not to. It seems to have so many interesting great benefits for your body. And in addition my my workouts and attempted better eating (I like sweets), it seemed like a failsafe plan. Let’s take a look shall we?! I’ve compiled the top 5 (a short list) benefits to dry brushing and maybe why you should try it. And if you are still not convinced, it was worth just noting it here. Here we go!!

 #1 – IT IMPROVES SKIN TEXTURE AND ELASTICITY! Scrub away dull, dry, lifeless, flaky skin to reveal new glowing skin.

It is said that dry brushing is known to improve the appearance of dry, dull, flaky skin by pretty much shedding off the excess skin and helping to reveal the new skin underneath, giving your skin a natural glow with greater elasticity.


Any claim that says you can improve circulation I always try and listen to. Poor circulation may be plaguing you and you may not know it. Poor circulation can shows symptoms as numb hands, and toes, cold feet etc. definitely something to check out if you experience some of these issues. It can also lead to a whole host of or be a sign of other problems as well, such as diabetes, heart disease etc. Check your health!!


There are A LOT of claims that so many things can detox the body. From natural juices to vitamins to specific foods. The only other thing I know for sure detoxes Improves Overall Circulation in body helping to remove toxins.the body naturally is water. So I’ll keep that on my list in conjunction with starting the dry brush. Supposedly, your skin alone is responsible for removing 15% of the body’s toxins and by unclogging your pores by way of brushing the skin you help increase this number and make the system more efficient at releasing toxins from the body. I guess that’s worth a try.


Your immune system is a huge deal, like a big deal! More specifically, your lymphatic system is a crucial part in acting as a filtration system so pathogens don’t pass through to the blood stream. Pathogens equals illness!!! Illness equals… Well you know that that goes! By brushing you are helping the liver reduce its waste and toxic by products from the body, making your immune system more indestructible and as flu season rolls around (ahem, EBOLA), you will want to be prepared.


Now being that I already make a product that helps to slowly minimize the look of cellulite, (shameless plug: >> Ame Naturals Coffee Scrub) Caffeine in coffee is a natural stimulant and can over time if scrubbed on the skin can help reduce the look of cellulite. I like to sip my coffee and scrub on me. So I’ll take that one step further and incorporate dry bursting to see just how much of this old cellulite I can shed. I mean I’ve always had cellulite so let’s see what I can do for 30 years worth. 30 years in 30 days!!! Like I said I’m trying to get ready for summer!!

Here are the steps they suggest you use for dry brushing.

image (3)

So those are my top 5 reasons to try dry brushing. If you are a still a skeptic, there is tons of websites and research to help you decide if you want to take this journey with me. I will be tracking my progress over 30 days to see if any of the followingWORKING ON MY FITNESS THIS WINTER!!!  happens; improve skin in texture and tone, improve circulation in my body (will I feel different?), improve cellulite appearance (PLEASE EXCUSE MY CHUNKY LEGS), and finally see if I can remain Ebola free. That last one is a joke but hey gotta get war ready, the zombies are coming.

Stay tuned for my progress!!


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