Stitch Fix: Online Personal Stylist

Stitch Fix: Online Personal Stylist

If you HATE going into stores and trying on clothes, waiting in countless lines to pay for something you will probably return the next day, OR dealing with stupid people in public all while trying to “turn up” your fall/winter wardrobe. This may be the right service for you. If you don’t have the coin like me to shell out for a personal shopper, try this on for size. STITCH FIX is an online personal stylist! If you are familiar with Shoedazzle or JustFab, this falls right in line with them.



To get started all you need is to do is create an online profile by answering a few questions. Once they get a feel for who you are, they will send you 5 handpicked items to try on at home. You just keep what you like and return what you don’t! Its really that simple. Seems like a win, win to me. The catch: There is a $20 styling fee which goes toward your final purchase of the clothes. The site claims the fashions are about $55 average, which isn’t bad, and if you want some more than H&M or NY & Co, I think its worth a try.

The downside: The service right now is only size 0-14, BUT I am sure if the service gets much bigger, it can surely expand. So for all my big girls, hold tight! There may be something for your coming soon, Unfortunately, until then we still have to fight our way to the fitting rooms. *Tear!

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