High Tea in Harlem: 2nd Annual Tea Party for Colored Girls

High Tea in Harlem: 2nd Annual Tea Party for Colored Girls

This Sunday marks the 2nd Annual Tea Party for Colored Girls in Harlem. The event is hosted by Kelly Snider, a Harlem resident and youth advocate. She plans and funds free youth events in the neighborhood to help enhance and enrich the lives of young black and brown girls.


The tea party activities are an etiquette course, social bonding, award ceremony open to 24 girls aged 7-12. The overreaching theme for this event is to promote self-esteem and inner beauty of young black girl’s. During the event they will have an open and informative conversation about race, beauty, independence and what it means to be a black woman in America and four of the Tea Party girls will be honored. The girls will also participate in a 30 minute etiquette class.

See press release below:
Kelly Snider Presents the  


Harlem, New York – Kelly Snider will present the 2ND ANNUAL TEA PARTY FOR COLORED GIRLS, taking place at the Bethany Development Community Center located at 63 West 124th Street NY, NY 10027 on August 30th, and featuring Chef Ryan and Artist Shalonda Jones.

Kelly Snider is proud to bring the 2nd ANNUAL TEA PARTY FOR COLORED GIRLS to HARLEM for the first time. The invitees are 24 girls ages 5-12. The little attendees with “big hats, pearls and pretty dresses” sit at round tables with pastries, varieties of herbal tea, tea cups and saucer sets.

The Tea Party will be catered by female Chef Ryan from TV Series “SOUTHERN CHEFS.”  The girls will be introduced to showcase(s) and magazine article winning Artist Shalonda Jones, who will perform a song she wrote & produced specially for the Tea Party girls.

Kelly Snider is twenty seven years old, and holds an undergraduate degree in early childhood education from CUNY Hostos. Her daily activities include two jobs, both of which revolve around childhood education and development, two responsibilities from which she derives great joy.

During the six years that Snider has served as an educator, she has noticed a lack of special events and occasions for the gathering of minority girls in urban neighborhoods, such as the one in which she grew up. She, thus, felt obligated to create such a space for this demographic, and arrived at the idea of a tea party. The lack of photos on the internet of Black and brown girls at tea parties further motivated Snider.

So, with the help of friends, she advertised for and planned her first tea party, which was to be held at the Scarsdale Teen Recreation Center in Scarsdale, New York. The little attendees with “big hats and pretty dresses” were met with tea, finger sandwiches cookies, and other pastries, as well as twenty four gift-filled bags and brand new books. The girls, who learned table etiquette for a majority of the event, also made new friends, and Snider hopes that these bonds will be long-lasting.

In addition Kelly’s annual tea party, she started her very first camp for youth. which ended last week which will be followed by a closing ceremonies BBQ for all attendees and their parents. Kelly has seemed to find her calling mentoring and giving young black youth the opportunity to shine. This fall she plans to host a back to school giveaway, and well as themed holiday and Easter activities for all youth and the best part it is ALL free.


When asked how she does all this on her own dime?

“Well this year is my very first time having actual sponsors. I’ve been doing youth events since I was 19 years old. My very first event I told people months ahead in hopes that they would donate and on the day of the event I had $0.00 in donations. So from that point on I save money from me working and I pay to implement the ideas I come up with. However I must say there are four people on my block who always donate and my mothers co workers from the Palladia Organization. And then I have three woman who makes the cakes and cupcakes for me upon request.

 I mean I would love to have community support through donations but I understand that even though the events are for a good cause people just don’t prefer to donate money most of times. Besides I come up with these events because this is what I think would benefit our youth so if I have to foot the bill I’m always okay with that. I work one job, and I pay for school so my funds are limited, I don’t know how in the world I make it happen but I do.”
In these times when it is imperative that our youth stay on the right path and our young black girls need support and love and guidance more than ever, Kelly seems to me to be a champion. Keep being a beacon of hope and encouragement for our young black girls and good this Sunday at your tea party. We support you!
To learn more about Kelly Snider’s Tea Party and some of her other events, please check her out on Instagram; @kellys_events
If you want to be part of the movement, and help Kelly’s events, check out her GoFundMe Page.

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  • Kelly,

    I’ve said it many times and I will continue to say it. I’m beyond proud of you and the great things you are doing for your community! Keep up the great work I am honored to call you a friend!

  • I’ve known Kelly for 15 years. I’ve watched her grow into this most ambitious selfless woman I’ve ever known. It’s refreshing to know that someone cares so deeply about the youth. Your dedication continues to inspire me. Please keep up the great work ! Shaniya and every other child appreciate you

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