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Fox Indigo – Contributor
Fox Indigo grew up in New York, living in Brooklyn & Long Island. A self proclaimed, Afropunk and an Awkward Black Girl, Fox attended Pratt Institute studying Computer Graphics, and later attended Miami International University of Art & Design as a Film Major. While attending school she worked with several non-profits in the Miami area before retuning to New York. A lover of all things Science Fiction Fox began writing her first Scifi/Fantasy novel, ‘The Crows of Onxyia’. After three children and a failed 10-year relationship Ms. Indigo has thrown caution to the wind in her self deprecating blog GoddessFire and has come to the conclusion, that bearing her flaws and shortcomings is the only way to cleanse herself of the past mistakes and begin a new period of personal growth.

Melissa Avril – Contributor
Melissa is a hustler by day, a screenwriter by night, and a blogger in the wee hours. Her journey toward bliss began the day she decided to leave her comfortable hometown for the City of Angels to become a writer.  “Life is a lot like writing: you got to pull up your big girl panties and just show up. What happens next is the adventure.” Check out her blog, Blissing Around.

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